The Great Interest Rates Bluff

August 28, 2018 Comments (0) The Business Writing Blog, Writing Links

Practicing what I Preach

Writing thought leadership and content marketing for others, I like to encourage them to reach out to editors and popular sites in order to ensure their articles reach a wider audience.

Lately, I’ve been practicing what I preach, by doing some thought leadership and guest writing of my own. This article for is very ‘meta’:

I’m also keen to keep up my business writing. None of my current clients are especially interested in economics or monetary policy – which I find fascinating – so I’ve started posting occasionally on This article was inspired by a client setting up a very interesting blockchain project to tokenise gold, and other commodities.

The best thing about doing my own thought leadership is how much I learn about the subject: I’m already full of new ideas to help people gain publicity, establish themselves in their niche, and build loyalty to their personal or business brand!

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