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Copywriting and Consultancy

Every modern business has a need for content

Every modern business has a need for content: for its website, advertising, brochures and internal communications; and increasingly, for blogs and guest articles which help get all of the other stuff noticed.

Dominic Jeff works with businesses small and large to ensure they have a steady stream of high quality copy. Whether you need your website revamping; a healthy blog to drive traffic and keep you current; or you need a set of case studies, interviews or news stories for an in-house magazine – Dominic can work directly with the business owner, senior team, or with a company’s PR agency or marketing department to provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

Why hire a copywriter?

The internet era is all about standing out. Essentially, being the best in your field. So there’s no room for filler content. What you need are words that shine, and chime with your customers. And of course, you need to rise up those Google rankings and ensure people actually visit your site and learn about the excellent services you offer.

Old fashioned SEO, where copy was churned out and crammed with keywords, is of little use these days as Google’s bots and algorithms have got wise to it. And anyway, what business wants to be associated with terrible copy?

Happily, the kind of content you want your customers to read is now being rewarded in the rankings. And those that produce relevant, informative fresh blogs on a regular basis are being rewarded most of all.

Thought Leadership

Putting out a few updates and company news snippets to ensure regularly updated content is better than doing nothing, but it is a missed opportunity. A good company blog can actually be a major driver of traffic to the site, and of sales. And it can build your reputation and standing, both in your own industry and your clients’ sectors.

Ideally, you should be using your blog to establish yourself as a ‘thought leader’: an acknowledged expert in their field and someone whose opinions are sought and valued. This not only increases your organisation’s exposure and provides free publicity and great SEO, it also means prospective clients already know and trust you – and all businesspeople know that’s half the battle.

Dominic can ghost write the necessary blogs and look for guest blogging and opinion article opportunities for you. But someone has to be prepared to front the campaign and offer their opinions. We won’t make you something you aren’t – just put your best thoughts into words.

Get in touch now and start your journey:

About Dominic Jeff

Dominic Jeff is a qualified British journalist who has worked on The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and Plymouth Herald newspapers. He set up his own business in 2015, and has worked closely with award-winning PR agencies and ambitious early-stage companies to produce great websites, exciting press releases, and closely-followed blog series.

Since re-locating to Switzerland in 2018, Dominic has targeted his skills at the Swiss market, helping to provide the high-quality English copy that fast-growing international companies require.