Expert Copywriting Frees You To Grow   - Dominic Jeff -Writing for Business
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Are you so full of great creative ideas, you haven’t got time to implement them all?

Are your clients thought leaders in their field, but not so good at writing?

Would you rather be networking and influencing instead of typing up press releases and articles?

Then it’s time you hired a copywriter.

Expert Copywriting Frees You To Grow

Let an expert craft the words for that brilliant campaign you planned. Have an experienced reporter interview your clients and turn it into memorable comment. And get your press releases written by someone who knows exactly what journalists love.

Dominic works with PR agencies and marketing experts to produce eye-catching press releases, content marketing, and thought leadership articles. With ten years’ experience in the British press, Dominic picks the angles that reporters can’t resist, and can ghost write the opinion pieces that you promise editors on behalf of your clients: Imagine if every time your pitch for a guest post is accepted, it ends in a no-drama delivery that enhances your reputation with the editor instead of costing you a favour because your client’s piece was too short, too long or too late.

This isn’t a hard sell. I don’t want you to hire me on a contract: I work on and article by article basis, without taking a space in your office. I won’t even be drinking your coffee. Just drop me an email when you need copy producing… your clients will be delighted to be writing the articles they always wanted to!

About Dominic Jeff

Dominic Jeff is a qualified British journalist who has worked on The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and Plymouth Herald newspapers. He set up his own business in 2015, and has worked closely with award-winning PR agencies and ambitious early-stage companies to produce great websites, exciting press releases, and closely-followed blog series.

Since re-locating to Switzerland in 2018, Dominic has targeted his skills at the Swiss market, helping to provide the high-quality English copy that fast-growing international companies require.